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BITEC is the Exclusive agent of Metallisation Equipment & Consumables in Dubai, UAE.

Have been involved with surface coating since 1922 and can offer a wide range of materials for all thermal spraying applications along with HVOF, PLASMA, ARC and FLAME Spray Systems.

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Application of TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminium)

Established in 1922, Metallisation Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of Thermal Spray equipment such as Arcspray, Flamespray, Plasma, HVOF and Automated Spraying Systems.

  • Remove surface imperfections (rust, scale etc)
  • Provide clean angular surface profile
  • Increase surface area & provide a mechanical key
Metal Spraying has Four common processes:
  • Flamespray
  • Arcspray
  • Plasma
  • HVOF
Flame Spray Equipment
  • Metallisation MK73
  • Hand held pistol
  • Oxy-propane flame
  • Stop/start function
  • Up to 40m hose length Throughput
  • 8 kg/hr (3/16” Al)
  • Deposit efficiency
  • 85% (Al)
  • Typical bond strength
  • 6 MPa approx. (Al)
Arc Spray Equipment
  • Metallisation Arc140
  • Lightweight pistol
  • 5-20m wire drive (push/pull)
  • Throughput
  • 8.5 kg/hr (2.3mm Al)
  • Deposit efficiency
  • 65% (Al)
  • Typical bond strength
  • 13.75MPa (Al)
Plasma Spraying Equipment
  • Mass flow control of primary, secondary and carrier gases = repeatability
  • Inverter power supply = stability
  • Easy to use, intuitive operator interface
  • PC control with touch screen operator interface
  • Optional keyboard control or operator interface unit
  • Unlimited recipes and parameter recording
  • Manual or fully sequenced start-up, operation and shut-down
  • Straight, 90 degree and extension guns
  • Internal and external powder ports
  • Safety interlocks to prevent running without coolant and gases
  • Argon primary and Nitrogen, Helium or Hydrogen secondary gases
  • Can operate non-Metallisation pistols
HVOF Metal Spraying
  • Mass flow control = repeatability
  • Easy to use operator interface
  • Liquid fuel = thick, low stressed coatings
  • Hydrogen start-up = clean operation
  • High hardness, low oxide level coatings
  • PC control with touch screen
  • Optional keyboard control
  • Unlimited recipes and parameter recording
  • Low running costs compared to hydrogen fuel
  • High bond strength and low porosity coatings
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