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BITEC is the Distributor of Devilbiss Products in UAE.

DeVilbiss is now the leading supplier of spray finishing equipment to the industrial and automotive refinish markets. DeVilbiss products are used with equal success in the wood, aerospace, plastics, metal, and automotive industries. Finishing Equipment Technologies include Sprayguns: manual & Automatic Conventional, HVLP, Compliant, Airless and Air Assisted types.

Pressure Feed Cups & Tanks : Stainless, Mild and Aluminium Sheets.

Manual Spray Guns
Air Spray
DeVilbiss air spray guns, often referred to as conventional air atomizing - this atomization technology is the most established method of air atomizing used on spray guns for decades. It uses high velocity air jets to product a very high atomization power.
DeVilbiss HVLP spray guns have a much higher transfer efficiency than conventional air atomizing guns due to lower air pressures.
DeVilbiss Trans-Tech spray guns utilize the very latest advances in computational fluid dynamics. This reults in superior atomization with the new TRANS-fer TECHnology.
Spray Gun Accessories
DeKups Disposable Cup Systems
DeKups® is a complete line of disposable cups for gravity and siphon spray guns. We feature a full line of adapters that allow the cups to work with all Binks, DeVilbiss, and competitors' spray guns.
Fluid Regulators
DeVilbiss fluid regulators handle the highest fluid input pressure in the industry -- up to 300 psi. And, they deliver the broadest range of regulated output fluid pressure, from 2 to 100 psi.
Hose Cleaners and Strainers
Simple, easy-to-use cleaners speed up equipment cleaning and save solvent, which reduces VOC emissions. DeVilbiss low pressure in-line strainers are designed to be used at the fluid outlet of pumps, pressure tanks, or as a final gun strainer.
Suction Feed Cups
Aluminum suction cups incorporate a two-position valve, which allows for operation as a “drip-free” cup or as a conventional suction feed cup. Smooth metal surfaces make cleanup and changeovers fast and easy. For use with all suction feed spray guns.
Gravity Feed Cups
Gravity Feed Cups are located above the gun. The force of gravity pushes the fluid into the gun. DeVilbiss offers aluminum and acetal material gravity cups.
Pressure Cups
A pressure cup uses an external pressure source such as a pressure tank, piston or diaphragm pump, to force air and fluid to the spray gun nozzle. Air and fluid are then mixed outside the nozzle.
Hoses & Connections
DeVilbiss hose and connection accessories for industrial spray finishing systems.
Spray Gun Extensions
DeVilbiss Compact spray gun extensions are used to coat the inside of a pipe. They provide a 360 degree spray pattern.
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