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BITEC is the Distributor of Frank in UAE. Steam Cleaners, Pressure Washers & Wash Stations from Frank. Cold, Hot & Steam Cleaner, a Complete Cleaning Solution from Frank Germany, the machines are durable, sturdy and very maintenance friendly.

High Pressure Cleaners - Mobile & Stationary

Our High Pressure Cleaners

Our machines are durable, sturdy and very maintenance friendly.

Further information about FRANK technology can be obtained here.

Hot Water Mobile Cleaners

Capacity variations


80 bar – 900 l / h
115 bar – 700 l / h
180 bar – 900 l / h
210 bar – 1.020 l / h
240 bar – 1.020 l / h
150 bar – 1.400 l / h

Electrically heated

180 bar – 700 l / h.

Optional: Electronic remote control on the spray gun for 3 programs:
  • Cold
  • Hot
  • Hot with detergent

Cold Water Mobile Cleaners

  • High pressure cleaners of class meet the highest standards of efficiency, quality and durability.
  • Something special in technology and quality
  • High pressure cleaning. World-wide. Day-by-day.

Hot Water Wall Modules

• Oil-fired proven and reliable
The water heater and oil burner, combined with an oil pre heater, make this a sophisticated, high quality product.

• Gas-fired the reasonable alternative
The water heater with its gas burner is a FRANK speciality-setting new standards for cleanliness, non-polluting combustion and inexpensive fuel storage, while requiring minimal maintenance.

• Electrically heated the exhaust-free solution
The stainless steel water heater with its electrical tabular radiator and unpressurized hot water storage allows for continues hot water operation.

Cold Water Wall Modules

• Efficient cold water, high pressure cleaning
Our high pressure jet works with the correct dosage of cleaning/preserving agents to provide the desired results, while maintaining low operating costs.

• Alternatively, economical hot water high pressure cleaning
Connecting the unheated wall module to a central water supply makes it the most effective hot water high pressure station. The hot water high pressure jet combined with the properly selected cleaning/preserving agent offers you the best possible result.

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