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BITEC is the Exclusive agent of Clemco in Dubai, UAE.

CLEMCO INTERNATIONAL GMBH is the european headquarter of Clemco Industries, the world΄s largest manufacturer of air-powered blast equipment used to clean, deburr, shot peen, remove coatings, finish or otherwise improve the surface being blasted.

Abrasive Blasting Machines & Accessories including Hoses, Nozzles and Operator Safety Equipment. Speciality items include Blast Cabinets, Internal Pipe Blasting & Painting Equipment.

A) Blast Machines:

With 60+ Models, CLEMCO΄s range offers the customer the best variety to combine size, piping dimensions and valve selection according to his specific needs. All models are designed and built to highest quality and safety standards.

The pots are approved to latest CE directives but we also offer other approvals on request.

  Blast Machine SCW - 1028 with
Wetblast Head KB-25
20 liter capacity
Remote Controls RMM 50
Water Separator
1/2” Piping
Blast Machine SCW - 2040 S
100 liter capacity
Remote Controls
RMS 2000
Water Separator
1-1/4” piping
  Blast Machine SCW - 1638
60 liter capacity
Remote Controls RMS 2000
Water Separator
1” piping
Blast Machine SCWB - 2452
200 liter capacity
Remote Controls
RMS 2000
Water Separator
1-1/4 piping
  Big Clem
4,500 liter Capacity
Supports 4 Blasters
Remote Controls
PVR - A and PVR - G

B) Pneumatic Remote:

Pneumatic Control Valve - Activates pressurization and depressurization of Blast Machines, Fits: RMS 2000
Pneumatic Deadman Handle RLX II
Pneumatic Deadman Handle “Airmiser” - Faster Response, lower air consumption

C) Electric Pneumatic Remote Control:

Electric Deadman Handle RLX-E - Responds faster than pneumatic handles. Includes integrated microswitch and control wire plug.
Fits : RMS 2000 and RMM 50
Electric Pneumatic Handle RLX-E - Controls one or more functions of blast machine. Start / Stop, abrasive cut-off, cycle time.
Fits: RMS 2000 & RMM 50

D) Safety Equipment:

Abrasive Blast cleaning requires specially designed protective clothing and an air-fed respirator.

  Protects Operator from the hazards of Blasting
• Blast suit
• Leather gloves
• Air fed helmet
• Breathing air filter
  Apollo 50 & 60 Helmets
• Circulates air around operator’s head
• Large view area • Impact Protection
• Adjustable Fit • Plastic Lenses • Quiets incoming air
  Apollo 100 Helmet:
• Economical
• Meets International safety regulations
  CPF - Air Filter:
• Removes oil mist and water
• Removes particulates to 0.5 micron
• CPF-20 for 1 operator
• CPF-80 for upto 4 operators
  Air Control Valve:
• Controls volume of incoming air
• Cool air tube - cools incoming air
  Blast Light:
• Enhances operator visibility for optimum blasting quality where light is limited
• 12 volt or 24 volt, 20 watt


  Measurement and Inner Contour
• Inner Diameter: 3- 16, 0 mm
• Length: 45-230mm
• Inner Shape : Venturi and straight bore
• Entry: 25 & 32mm

Nozzle Construction
• Special Design offers nozzle liner for impact protection NEW!

Special Nozzles
• Angle nozzles with single or multiple orifices
• Flange mount nozzles fit quick coupling nozzle holders

Jacketing Materials
• Aluminium, Urethane & Rubber

Liner Materials
• Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide & Boron Carbide

Blast Hose, Holders & Couplings:

  Nozzle Holder:
• Nylon
• For nozzles with a 25mm or 50mm thread
• For hoses 13 X 7,19 X 7, 25 X 7, 32 X 8, 38 X 9, 42 X 9

Metal Coupling:
• Includes safety pin
• Sandcast Construction
• Materials : Bronze, Aluminium & Cast Steel

Nylon Coupling:
• Injection molded for consistent shape
• Integral Steel Safety Spring

Blast Hose:
• Features : Inner Tube of wear - resistant rubber or super wear resistant rubber quality
• Intermediate layers for higher pressures or high flexibility
• Working Pressure - 12 bar

Hose Size Options: I.D. X Wall Thickness
• 13 X 7, 19 X 7, 25 X 7, 32 X 8, 38 X 9, 42 X 9
• Any length upto 60 meters in one continuous piece

Suction Gun

    Suction Gun SG 300
• Hand-portable suction blasting
• Spot blasting and touch-up work
• Low air use
• Precise metering of abrasive
• Consumes 0,2 to 3,0 m³/ m at 6 bar
    Power Injection Gun
• Hand-portable, high performance suction blasting
• Spot blasting, touch-up and production blasting
• Pick-up wand fits any container, including bagged abrasives

D) Special Application Equipment:

Dust free blast equipment

• Hand-portable suction blast and recovery
• Buiot-in media reclaimer and screen
• Head rotates 360°
• 2 position trigger starts vacuum before blasting
• Shown with optional dust collector
      Dust free Pneumatic Cart-type Unit
• 40 liter blast machine (model HS-P)
• 40 liter media silo
• Cartridge collector
• Dust free blast and recovery head

Internal Pipe Cleaning Systems

    Spin Blast
• For internal cleaning of pipes.
• Two models cover range of diameters from 300 to 1520mm
• Adjustable centering carriage
• For standard blast machine systems
• Tungsten or boron carbide nozzles
    Hollo Blast
• Pipe diameters from 50 to 300mm
• Adjustable centering carriage
• Tungsten or boron carbide nozzle and deflector
    Hollo Blast Junior
• Pipe diameters from 19 to 50 mm
• 4 sizes of centering collars
• Reducer, coupling, and tungsten carbide deflector
    Internal Pipe Painting System Orbiter
• For internal coating of pipes. Two models cover range of diameters from 90 to 950 mm
• Air Powered centering carriage
• Airless pump for applying coatings
• Tungsten carbide paint tip
    Control Gun
• Fingertip control of coating application
• Adjusts centering carriage
• Controls air motor and speed
• Works with most airless spray pumps (not included)

Wet Blast Equipment

    Wet Blast W92
• Attaches to existing machine.
• Reduces dust at blast site
• Air powered water pump
• Water shut-off at the nozzle
    Power injection Gun
• Pressure - blast performance
• Lightweight & portable
• Fast media changeover

Clemco’s unique Power Injection Gun delivers performance comparable to pressure blast systems, yet it is light weight & easily portable.

• Remove coatings, rust and dirt from welding areas
• Prepare surfaces for coatings
• Create anchor pattern for coatings and abrasives
• Take blasting outdoors for structures too large to bring in to a blast room

Suction Blasting with the Power injection Gun uses more compressed air per square meter of surface cleaning compared to pressure blasting and works best with smaller mesh abrasives.


    Industrial Blast Cabinets
• Built in Media Reclaimer
• High Efficiency Dust Collector
• Suction or Pressure Blast System
• Automation Accessories

Filter Cartridge is automatically cleaned by a timer controlled airpulse. Pull-through exhaust fan reduces wear on impeller blades. Zero’s unique Air Logic System maximizes airflow to the blast nozzles. Door Safety interlocks interrupt blasting if either door is opened. Tough, full-length gloves protect the operator’s hands and arms. Large window and outside mounted light allow clear view of work. Blow-off gun clears away dust and media after blasting. Rubberized wear plate prolongs reclaimer life.

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